3 years old!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Edy Rose.  There's just something about her that makes people smile.  She's energetic, spunky, pleasant, caring, beautiful, and an absolute joy in our lives.  

Here's a little walk down memory lane in honor of my girl's third birthday...

sweet smile. sweet face. sweet disposition. sweet girl. 


  1. What a georgeous little sweetheart, she is! When I saw that newborn photo my heart melted and I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful baby girl (except my own:) Then I scrolled and continues to see those precious eyes and little sweet nose grow even more beautiful. Wow! God's blessings for sure!

  2. Thanks Ms. Bonnie. A momma never gets tired of hearing sweet things about her kiddos! Right?
    She sure was a beautiful baby and she just keeps getting more beautiful each day!


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