Home Goals 2013

Last year, for the first time, I wrote down some home goals and I kept to them!  With this new year, I am happier with my house than ever before.  After 2.5 years of being in this house, it is starting to feel like my home.  I am getting to where I like it.  I am developing my style better--and I love it.  Here's the goals:

*Keep brightening things up (more light, bright, and beautiful).
*Keep doing what I like (not what I want to like, but what I like).
*Add more gold!  I have a few gold pieces, but I want MORE! (Don't we all!?!)
*Can't have enough naturals! Get my butt out in those woods surrounding the house and find stuff.  (Note to Graham:  Get the chainsaw fired up! Wait a second--Note to Graham:  Get a chainsaw! I want a wood stump pronto!)
*Don't buy new.  Find more treasures! One of my favorite things to do is browse junk/antique stores.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want my house to look like a flea market, but I want some pieces that make you stop and think, "Nice."  I have a few pieces like that and I love it.
*Continue to embrace my "less is more" attitude, but not at the expense of having lack-luster rooms (something I've noticed in certain areas of my home).

Since taking down Christmas, I've already been working on some things (pics to come):
*I rearranged some furniture and I am real happy with the changes.
*I painted some stuff (dining room chairs and entry way chair).
*I finally recovered my dining room chairs and I love the fabric!! (Graham, get to scotch-guarding!)
*Gave items new homes by moving little things around a bit.

Still to do:
1) Joy's room (Can't wait to get her bedding!!!  It should be here in a few weeks.)
2) Paint my bathroom (the last room in the house I have left to paint) and repaint the laundry room.
3) If money permits, make-over master bathroom.  If not, this will have to carry over to 2014.
4) This Spring, get to crackin' on the exterior of the house. (We haven't even touched it since moving in.  It's bad, bad, bad!)
5) Clean out the barn/shed/shop and determine what we are going to call said barn/shed/shop.  Barn? Shed? Shop?
6) Tell Graham he is responsible for numbers 4 and 5.

That's about it.  I'm excited about the changes.
(One more thing:  Order Graham to read this post!)

What are your home goals?

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