This post is dedicated to the mini-make-overs that have taken place since Christmas decor came down:

For years...I mean years, I have wanted to make-over my kitchen chairs.  Honestly, I haven't ever really liked them.  I love my big table, but the chairs have never been my favorite.  Finally, I carved out some time to work on them...
First, I painted them (still don't know if I picked the right color) and sanded them.  Then, I recovered those cushions that I have hated from day one.

I love this fabric.  It took me almost a year to find something that I really loved and could afford.

About a year ago, I worked on the entryway (an area w/o much purpose). Click HERE for that make-over.   After taking down Christmas stuff, I just wasn't happy with that space.  Plus, my living room seemed so bare.  I decided to move the chair I had in the entryway and some other furniture around.
Here's the chair in its new spot...
[love the fox pillow]
[love the plaid side, too]

[updates in the entryway]

How awesome are these silhouettes?  They make me smile!

[random pic of the kitchen table]
[love my canvas that KK gave me]

[love this canvas given to me by one of my little 'students']

[new entryway update]

Now that my house is back together, I'm off to finish painting Joy's baby bed!

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