pregnancy update {25 weeks}

Pregnancy update:  
  • 25 weeks
  • passed glucose test
  • got c-section on the books:  MAY 6th! 
  • trying to get over the fact that the c-section isn't first thing in the morning like I had hoped
  • no surprise:  I'm anemic.
  • a little surprising:  I have lower than normal platelet count. Dr. isn't concerned just yet.
  • never heard of low platelets in pregnancy--have you?
  • gained 10 pounds as of today--yesterday it was 11, but today it is 10. I'm going with 10.
  • Joy is a squirmer.  I love how much she moves.
  • both girls love to feel baby sister move and it is one of the sweetest things to witness
  • more than I remember with the other two, I am longing for her arrival.  I can't wait!  I mean, I want her to cook, but I am really excited about her being in my arms.
  • starting to get going on the nursery

  • G sanded baby bed

  • I painted baby bed: cream

  • painted walls: pink 

  • got a new charm for my necklace

  • pic of our growing family 


  1. Yes, low platelet counts is more common than most realize. Hang in there! So excited for you and three girls! It's a lot of fun!

    1. Rikki,
      I am hoping that they level off before delivery. I am so tired and it has me a little worried. I'm gonna talk to the nurse today.

  2. Where did you get those charms?? I love them! Can't wait to see the cream and pink nursery come together!

    1. Hannah, I got those charms on Etsy. I believe the store is Designs by Hilary. We are still waiting on the bedding, but I am looking forward to getting this nursery done, too!


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