What AG's Reading...

This just has to be documented...

I mentioned in the homeschool post that AG makes her book requests known to Graham and he goes to the library and picks them up for her.   Each week, she tells him what she wants and then he tries his best to scope the nonfiction section for the "exact" books she wants.  We've been doing this for months.
*Due to our strange homeschooling/MDO schedule, we can't get to the library ourselves.  This should change next year.

Anyway...This morning, I was in the middle of enjoying my breakfast of oatmeal, raspberries  blackberries, and my one cup of caffeinated coffee for the day (I have literally eaten this meal for about 3 month straight and I'm still in love with it!)  Back to the story....I'm eating my breakfast and Graham says to AG, "What book do you want me to read you during breakfast?"  She replies, "Hyenas!" YUCK!  I had a hard time getting through the rest of my meal and finally had to move to the living room.  My girl and her animal nonfiction--her weird obsession.

This week's book list in no particular order:  HYENAS, LIONS, TIGERS,  and SEA TURTLES
I assure you, this is exactly the requests that AG made.  We joke all the time about her extreme decisiveness   She knows exactly what she wants and it cracks us up.  It's rare to get an "Ummm..." or "I don't know" from her about anything.

Oh, and G didn't forget about Ro.  She likes light-hearted reads:  THE BERENSTAIN BEARS 5 BOOK COMBO.  Yep, that's more her speed.

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