baby things...

Just a few baby things...
So...third time around, the car seat is looking kinda drab.  I ordered a car seat cover, visor cover, blanket, and car seat canopy for 40 bucks.  The pattern is a little more bold/busy/not me, but it looks tons better than before.  I'm happy with the price and the newness it added to the old thing.
Even though I have a long while before I need this baby bullet, I'm excited to make Joy's food.  I'll keep you posted as that time approaches.  

I just received word that my baby bedding has finally shipped.  I can't wait until it gets here later this week so I can put the finishing touches on the room. 
My sweet friend, Kara, is a hostess for my baby shower and I just love the invites she picked out.  Aren't they cute!?! 

Friday, I have a doctor's appointment.  I'll have blood work drawn to see how the platelet's are doing.  I appreciate your prayers regarding this matter.  I am still trusting and obeying--day by day.  

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  1. Just a heads up on baby bullet, I was going to purchase one myself but after reading many rewiews pieces fall apart and end up in the baby food. I just wanted you to be aware of that.


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