"blue blank"

I have a child that is hopelessly attached to a blanket.  It wasn't something we planned or encouraged--it just happened.  Frankly, it's one of the cutest things about our little Rosie--her love for her "blue blank".  
  • Aunt Ann made it especially for her.  Thanks a million, Aunt Ann!
  • She's held tightly to it every.single.night.of.her.life.
  • At some point along the way, we stopped allowing her to take it places unless we were staying overnight.
  • But...around the house, she's always got it close by her side.  
  • I smile every.single.morning. as she greets me dragging "it" behind her. 
  • Aunt Ann made a "mini-me" version of "blue blank" (same yarn) that pacifies her when we don't have the real deal.
  • It's beginning to unravel. *sigh*
  • She's lovingly called it "blue blank" for as long as I can remember.

As I write this post, I'm reminded of a special word AG used as a toddler.  Remember wakiku? We still say it from time to time, but it is slowly fading away.  Sadly, it's almost gone.  

*AG is to wakiku as Edy is to blue blank*  They're both precious and priceless. 

The main reason I started this blog--stories such as these.  Some things are just too special to forget. 


  1. Thanks for this sweet post. Pops and I read this together, and took a walk down memory lane. We are so thankful for your blog and for these sweet remembrances.

  2. Love this , you look great to. May try to make a quick trip soon!

  3. Two of my four kids were blankie kids. My son is now a sophomore in high school and still has his blankie tucked away in a drawer somewhere. I am curious to see if he will pack it away somewhere to take with him to college when the time comes...

    1. Tracey,
      That is so sweet. I will treasure these "blankie" memories forever.

  4. I've had 4 blankie babies and it's sooo cute! Zekey is 5 and still sleeps with his every night. They have all called them "blanks" too!


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