Edy's New Do

I told you in the previous post that I would post pics of Edy's new haircut.  It is so cute that I can't quit touching it, talking about it, and admiring it.  It's just the cut for her.  

These 'before and after' shots are a little deceiving   Her hair wasn't near as bad as those 'before' shots make it look.  I didn't do anything to her hair this morning so the 'after' shots look remarkable.  She has such thin, straight hair that her new little bob gives her so much more definition, body, and really highlights her cute round face.  It's just precious.
It's super short in the back which looks so darn adorable!  Almost makes me want to run out and get my hair chopped off again...almost.

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  1. SO cute! I want to cut my daughters hair but she has a cowlick in the back and i'm afraid it would not turn out right. She needs a trim anyways so I may cut a little more off and just see if we could try something like this later.

    Jennifer B


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