week/weak review

Our week:
  • AG has discovered infomercials.  This morning, she informed me that steel springs cause back pain and  lack of energy.  (Thanks, Sleep Number!)
  • While eating dinner on Monday night, the drum light fell from the ceiling stopping just before it landed on the table.  Great!  Thankful that nothing was damaged and we weren't out any money to have it repaired. (gotta love that our church is full of handy-men)
  • My computer semi-crashed on Tuesday.  I got it back yesterday and it is still having problems.  *sigh*
  • AG just finished her fifth reader.  She read two new books this week!
  • I just got word that the baby bedding should be here next week!  So excited.
  • I got semi-bad/semi-good news from the doctor.  Apparently, this 'platelet thing' isn't going away.  I'll share in a later post. I've got some questions and concerns.  Good news:  Blood work is better and the anemia is lessening and platelets aren't affecting baby Joy.
  • Edy has a mullet.  We are going for a haircut this afternoon.  Can't wait to see her with a new stacked bob.  I'll post pics later.
  • Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  I love Valentine's!
  • Got some Valentine goodies together for AG and Ro's MDO teachers.
How cute is this little treat?

How presh are these little girls in their new Valentine's shirts?  Thanks, Na and Pops!
  • Getting baby things down from the attic this afternoon.  I'm excited!
  • Edy spilled blood red Powerade on the carpet in her room.  It is NOT coming up. Suggestions welcome.
  • We are checking out a new park in Bullard today.  Apparently, there are only 10 like it in the nation.  The girls are excited and I'm anxious to see what all the hype is about.
  • I'm all caught up on Downton Abbey.  After being unimpressed with Season 1, I didn't jump on the bandwagon and watch Season 2.  A few weeks ago when Season 3 started, I DVR'd the episodes, checked out Season 2 from the library, loved it, and caught up on Season 3.  I'm all in and then some!!! #freebates #dowagercountess #sadaboutsybil
  • I thought we had an interesting week, but after reading over this post, I find it rather boring--quite weak.  (That reminds me...To all the Downton fans out there, do you catch yourself trying to talk super proper after each episode?  G calls me out all the time! #southerngirlprobs)
Updates on the pregnancy, Edy's blue blanket situation, and baby room progress coming soon!  

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