a little vacay (4)(5)

Wednesday was fairly uneventful.  We took it easy, but had a great time nonetheless.

On to Day 4...

  • We went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
  • We've been before, but this time the Titanic exhibit was up and running.  It was fantastic.  AG loved learning about the "unsinkable ship".  She was totally fascinated.

  • Graham and Edy braved the bed of nails...

  • Lots of interactive things for the kids to do

  • We had fun, too!

  • Hanging out in a dinosaur footprint
  • For dinner, Aunt Ann and Aunt Dorothy watched the girls at the hotel so Graham and I could have a night out.  We went to the Studio Movie Grill and enjoyed a wonderful dinner along with a movie.  It was a lot of fun!
Just a few more vacay posts to come...


  1. You guys were so close to me!!!!

  2. Love all the pics and fun shots from your vacation and Edys little bday party! It looked like it was real fun!!! can't wait to see you guys!!! Love Gaga


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