a little vacay (6)

Our big event for this little vacation was going to the Dallas World Aquarium.  We have been wanting to go for several years and finally made it happen this trip.

*I actually took my real camera to the aquarium so there are lots of pics in this post I'll spare you the commentary and let the pics do the talking. You're Welcome!

  • I've been to a few aquariums, but none like this one.  Outstanding!  
  •  We wrapped up our day with The Rainforest Cafe for dinner, back to the hotel for a quick swim, and a movie before bedtime!
  • Tomorrow, we will wrap-up our little vacay with a few more fun activities.  Lookin' forward to it!
 *Aunt Dorothy, thanks for making this little trip a reality for us.  What a treat since we won't be going on a vacation this summer due to our little Joy's big debutIt's been a wonderful time for our family!  We love you so much!

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  1. What an awesome trip. Thanks for taking and sharing all the pics. It was almost as good as being there! Can't wait to hear all the details from the girls next week. Ly, Renee


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