put a LABEL on it

By now, I'm sure many of you have heard of  the "Put a Bird on It" short made popular a couple of years ago by Portlandia.  Basically, this post has nothing to do with that skit. It's just a lame segue to my post title, "Put a Label on It". See how I did that?

Here's a better seque:
Any lovers of the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory?  It's one of our favorite shows.  Sheldon is a label-making fool. 
Sheldon: Wait, put this in the bathroom.
Leonard: What for?
Sheldon: I need to measure my fluid intake and output to make sure my kidneys aren't shutting down.
Leonard: I mix pancake batter in this!
Sheldon: No, that measuring cup has always been for urine.
Leonard: You had time to make a label for everything in this apartment, including the label maker, but you didn't have ten seconds to make a label that said "urine cup"?
Sheldon: It's right here on the bottom.
Leonard: Huh, I guess I owe the Betty Crocker Company a letter of apology.
Last week, Howard told Bernadette: not only does Sheldon have a label on his label maker, but on the label maker's label, in a teeny-tiny font, are the letters l-a-b-e-l.  

Love me some Sheldon.  I realize he's a fictional character, but he's a man after my own heart.

Graham pokes fun at me about my labels, but he secretly loves it (really!) and here's why...

 Here it is...in all it's glory!

One of my spring cleaning jobs included updating all of the labels around the house...Happy, happy, happy!
school closet 
In my closet, I cut scrapbook paper and printed my labels on opaque craft paper.

my closet
 same thing in the girls' closet

I've got a few friends, who shall remain nameless, that tease me about my label/bin obsession.  It's true, I've got labels/bins in every closet/drawer, but I'm a freak-a-zoid for organization.  Bins/labels/sharpie markers/and everything else organization--it's just my thing!

Life is much easier when you #putalabelonit!


  1. This cracks me up because you have not changed a bit! I love reading about your spring cleaning and labels! I got a label maker a few years ago and I love it!! I just need more time these days to do a big deep clean and organize! Can't wait for sweet Joy's arrival!

    1. Susy, I hate to say it, but I've only gotten worse with the organization through the years! Ha! Everybody always said that the neat-freak, oranizer in me would go away when I had children, but it's just made me even more of a compulsive cleaner! :)
      So glad we can stay connected through social media...it's a wonderful thing!

  2. Oh Leslie how I wish you would come to my house and organize it. I love your closets and pantry. One day I am going to get everything the way I want it :)

  3. I smiled all the way through this blog! I love your organization, and although I'm fairly organized, you have me beat by a mile. Come and I'll watch the kids and give you free reign in my house! Ly, Renee

  4. THIS is why we're friends. No, it's not because I'm so super organized, as you well know. I do, however, love me my label maker. A MUST must-have. It's not because I'm so unbelievably gifted at organizational skills that my closets look as mad as yours. Oh noooo. Certainly not that. It's because you love Sheldon. And quote him. And Bernadette. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss. That's why. I'm married to Sheldon. Just moments ago I had to get out of his spot. I kid you not. Although my Sheldon is not organized. He's a mix between Sheldon, Leonard (hello, height?), Howard (the engineer, the shorty, the...well, you know), AND Raj. (Pretty sure he had to have a drink the first time he ever talked to me. HA!)

    And this is why I miss you. <3

    1. And this is why I love you...
      Just read this comment to Graham and we both got a good laugh!


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