Spring Cleaning!

Hip! Hip! Hooray! for SPRING CLEANING!

I have been so pumped to go through every single room, drawer, bin, closet, cabinet square inch of my house and clean like a mad woman!  Some people call it cray-cray (I'm told that's the new word for crazy), but I call it stress-relieving.  I may be an anomaly, but I really do like to clean and organize.  It really does reduce stress for me.

What's on the agenda?
  • baseboards
  • ceiling fans
  • closets
  • donations
  • consignment
  • touch-up paint
  • showers
  • tile (every.single.one. is getting a good scrubbin')
  • carpets
  • decor updates
  • minimizing (I like empty drawers, people!)
  • shredding (or burning)
  • organizing
  • dusting
  • closets
  • and much more...

This isn't your average cleaning.  I like to think that I keep a really clean house (I guess it's my thing), but this is much more than a weekly cleaning.  Not only is it spring cleaning time, it's nesting time!  The count-down is on--less than two months before baby Joy gets here.  #unlessthiscleaningsendsmeintolabor

So...one room down ...
The girls' room may be the hardest because it's ever changing--new toys, clothes, junk, books, school stuff, etc.  They spend a lot of time in their room and it gets dirty.  Especially when you look at the fine print.  I moved out all of their winter clothes and exchanged them for the spring ones we have on hand.  I gathered 2 bags for Goodwill, 1 for consignment, and 1 huge bag of trash.  I am not a pack-rat and it's easy for me to let things go.  It's freeing.

Who's with me?  What are your spring cleaning chores?


  1. did you get that little flower light from ikea?

  2. LOVE cleaning of any sort! That room looks so nice and clean. Today I'm hoping to make my room look like that!

  3. I'm in a spring cleaning mode too! I have taken tons to Goodwill! It feels great!!!
    rhonda :-)


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