tea party with Mamaw

Last week, the girls spent eight days in AR with Na and Pops.  I was back home in TX and missed them (longest they've ever been away), but I was busy cleaning and that kept me preoccupied.  Also, gotta love iPhone Facetime--it really helped me cope with them being gone for so long.  Na was also good about sending me pics each and every day.  I really loved and appreciated those little peeks of my girls throughout the day.

One day, the girls went over to their great-grandmother's (Mamaw) house for a tea party.  Na sent me these pics...

Looks like they had a good time, doesn't it?


  1. These picture are so precious. It brought back a flood of memories of when I would take my girls over to see my mom and the delight it would bring her. I'll never forget the way she would smile even when she was very ill and found very little to smile about. Just watching them kept her entertained. I know they all loved every minute with your girls.

  2. We had so much fun with the girls. So sorry that I didn't take more pictures! Love to all, Renee


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