what's up with that?

I am so frustrated with g**gle!  Things I love are going away...
GoogleReader:  gone in July
iGoogle: gone in November

I have read/skimmed/scanned/followed 115 blogs through GoogleReader for the past 4 years.  It makes blogging/blog reading so quick and organized.  From time to time, I'll check in on the actual blogs I follow, but mostly I just keep up through GoogleReader.  Oh, and I have my GoogleReader account linked to my iGoogle homepage.  Again...gone are those days.

I found out about Bloglovin'.  Apparently, it's comparable to GoogleReader.  I haven't been linked up long enough to make a decision either way, but I have several blog friends that have posted about it and seem to enjoy it.  It literally took me 2 minutes to transfer my favorite blogs from GoogleReader to Bloglovin'.  It took me another minute to organize them into catergories.  The app for my phone was free (another good thing), and it looks like I'm all set.  I guess I will keep my GoogleReader account open until it is no more in July, but I can use this time to get used to Bloglovin'. 

If you are like me and read your favorite blogs through GoogleReader, you might think about trying out Bloglovin' or if you find something better, post about it so I can see if I like another subscription source better. ;)

You can follow my blog through Bloglovin' by clicking on the link below. 
Follow on Bloglovin

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