a little update

Last week, I had labs drawn to check my platelet count.  I've opted not to have these labs drawn at every office visit ONE: because they are expensive and TWO: because there's nothing I can really do to increase the levels anyway.  Since I'm getting closer to my due date, the doctor wanted to draw the labs to check my counts.  Remember, I've had lower than normal counts for some time.  This may result in being put under general anesthetic at the time of delivery.  You can read about my rare little condition HERE and HERE.  Anyway, my levels have increased to an almost normal level.  WOW!  The nurse said that it's rare for this to happen!   I am SO thankful.  Hopefully, they will stay at this level for a couple of weeks so my c-section can go ahead as planned.  I'm really excited about the news.

I'll leave you with this...

Edy's MDO teacher texted me this pic.  Apparently, she is mimicking someone she knows.  I'm not at all sure who, though!

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