Finishing Touches...maybe

Yes, I am still putting the finishing touches on Joy's room.  I do believe I said that it may never be finished.  That's just how I roll--things are always a'changin'!  I got a few more treasures from my favorite antique store and a few little gifts that have helped to complete the room.

Just being honest, shelves scare me--always have.  I have a fear of over-accessorizing and having a cluttered-mess as a result.  I don't want the things I'm trying to highlight to get lost in the midst of other stuff and lose their significance. Does anyone else have this problem? 

This shelf is quickly approaching the cluttered-look, but I need the baskets to store toys and I don't have another place in the room to showcase some of the little things that have been given to me.  It'll do...for now.

I'm in love with blue Mason jars.
Thanks, Kels!

I found this framed, painted ceramic tile at my go-to antique shop.  I mostly got it for the driftwood frame, but I love the almost gaudy painted roses, too.  I like the appeal and height it adds to an otherwise dull space above the bookshelf.

The frame is just what I had in mind.

Someone gave me the four-photo frame (I think it came from Wal-Mart).  I took out the glass and painted it cream and instead of using its stand, I hung it.  What do you think?  Do you think it needs photos/fabric/scrappy-paper?  I kinda like the 'less-is-more' look (again, I don't want to get too cluttered), but sometimes it's good to get another opinion.  Every time AG looks at it, she suggests photos that I should put in it.  Ha!  She doesn't get my abstract concept!

I added a few new plates to my little cluster.
Thanks, Kelsey, for the scalloped one with the flowers.  It's perfect.
I picked up the floral candle holder to complete the look.

Totally unrelated to decorating, but I got the glowworm filled with new batteries!  My girls loved it!

I picked up the floral cross-stitch for a whopping 7 bucks.  It's a nice homemade touch and I love its green matte.

This birdcage picture/keepsake holder is perfect for displaying some pictures of Joy's big sisters.

I got this little frame at one of my showers.  'Bundle of Joy' is perfectly fitting!

For a complete tour of Baby Joy Tatum's room, click HERE.


  1. I love Joy’s nursery! It is warm, inviting, and eclectic. I like the empty frames too, but also think it would be neat to add her one, two, three, and four year pictures or maybe three, six, nine, and twelve months! I live in East Texas too and also love antiquing. I would love to know which store is your favorite and where it is located. Can’t wait to meet Joy through your blog and I will be praying for your levels to reach the normal level.

    1. Thanks, Hannah. Yes, the store I love is Treasure Cove in Jacksonville. The prices are great and there is SO much stuff to choose from, but it's all organized. You don't have to sift through a bunch of junk to find great things. Thanks for your continued prayers.


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