kale chips

I made kale chips for the first time and I'm pretty pleased!
I found a recipe on Pinterest that seemed easy enough.  You can check it out HERE.  I think my chips are a little overcooked even though I followed the recipe exactly (it could be the difference in our ovens).  The recipe called for a 425 degree oven with a cooking time of 45-60 minutes.  At about 25 minutes in, I realized that they needed to come out asap.  Next time, I will probably decrease my oven temp and lessen the cooking time.  Other than that, they are really pretty tasty and all the fam chomped down on them.

We've been pretty healthy eaters throughout our marriage and gradually we have made more and more healthy eating choices.  Although I ADORE me some fast food, (like, seriously!) I eat it sporadically.  I don't think that Arby's curly fries will kill ya every once in a while!  It's all about moderation!!   My kids eat really healthy, but I'm not opposed to letting them munch on some sugary goodness from time to time!  they.are.kids.  Basically, I was raised on Little Debbie's (ask my mom) and I turned out okay as far as I know!

I have to take a second to brag on my bff, my hubby!  
A few weeks ago, he buckled down and started a new work-out program, changed some of his eating habits (less snacking and smaller portion size), and to date he has lost 22 pounds.  Granted, it's not a good idea for husbands to diet while their wives are pregnant and putting on the pounds; I'm proud of him nonetheless!

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  1. Thanks for all the new posts. It's a ray of sunshine to me. Love seeing all the pics and hearing all the updates! Looking forward to Joy Tatum's birthday. Love to all, Renee


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