Maternity Photos

I'm so excited to share my maternity/family pictures here on the blog.  My friend, Ashley, is an amazing photographer and she did a wonderful job capturing my growing family!

 A very special thanks to Confetti Photography!  I couldn't be more pleased with my beautiful photos and I'm already looking forward to Joy Tatum's newborn session.


  1. the last picture of you by the water....STUNNING.

    Your family is beautiful, how fun to capture this sweet time.

  2. Beautiful family and pictures! All great shots!

  3. Those are INCREDIBLE!!! I mean its not hard to take a good picture of such a good looking family but those are above and beyond! Thanks for sharing!!! I just cant get enough of those sweet girls and cant wait to meet miss Joy!!! Love yall!!!

  4. Love. Love. Love these! You are just as adorable pregnant with Joy as you were with the other two! Oh my mercy!!!! Great pics. So glad you have them.

  5. Those pictures are precious!! Ashley did a great job! you look so fabulous pregnant! just glowing! 5 more weeks!!

  6. Ahhhh! My heart just melted! Absolutely stunning photos! Your family is beautiful! And you are such a gorgeous pregnant woman! Love it!!!! <3


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