It's been a while since I uploaded any phone pics to my computer and to the blog.  I figure...if you follow me on Instagram you'll see the ones I take the time to post.  So for this phone dump entry, I'll share some non-instagrams...

Ready for this?
Gonna have no shame for a minute...

Y'all know I like to keep it real.  Ummm...don't know what to think about this one.  I wore that pink shirt the day AG was born (2007).  I believe it covered my entire belly (even though I gained a bunch more weight with her than I did with Edy or Joy).  I didn't wear the shirt when I was pregnant with Edy, but I guess there is a possibility it shrunk somehow!! Right? :)  I'm just four weeks away from meeting my little (or not so little) baby girl.

Edy @ AG's dance class
Isn't she pretty?

I upgraded to an iPhone5 and got a new phone case to go with it.  Thanks, Etsy! 
BTW, my bro-in-law introduced me to the DROP BOX app.  I like it SO much better than using the photo stream because my pics are always waiting for me on my desktop instead of the other way around.  It's a good app for me.

The "sick bug" has visited our home.  Not only have I had a terrible cough, scratchy throat, and "the crud", Edy got some sort of stomach virus that has been pretty terrible.  When I finish this post, I'm off to my bed because I got little to no sleep last night as I stood with her over the potty.  Poor kid. It was a long and tough night.

Fortunately, she started to act herself around 3PM this afternoon.  I'm hoping tonight is better and no one else gets that awful bug.

I've kept the girls separated most of the day in an attempt to make Edy rest *didn't work*.  I sat on the front porch swing (and breathed in the delicious pollen that makes my cough go nuts) and watched AG twirl and sing to her little heart's content.  just priceless.
*Just realized a few of these were Instagrams I've posted already.  Oh well.

phone dump...
the end.

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  1. Hey Leslie! Halle lost her first tooth last October, so she was 6 yrs, 3 mo. I am so excited for you guys- can't wait to see pics of little Joy!! :)


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