spring is here...

Yes, it is and we are happy!  

We spend a lot of time outside and this beautiful weather has been perfect.  *except for when it decided to go back to the 40s for two days and then shoot back to the 70s which has given me a terrible cough!*

Like most kiddos, my kids don't lack for creativity when it comes to play time.  They are always coming up with something fun to do.  Yes, we still have the occasional, I'm bored!, but they are mostly content to explore, climb, imagine, fight, pretend, discover, scream at the daily ant bites, run, bicker, and play, play, play! *oh...and they bring the smell of wet puppy dogs into my house after a good long day outdoors.  I ain't complainin'!* I fondly remember my own childhood as I watch them play--brings a smile to my face.

{hopscotch, anyone?}


So glad that SPRING is here!

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