Spring Tea

Yesterday, we had our annual Spring Tea at church.  I just love dainty china, finger foods, and good fellowship with great women. 
 {my date}
This was Edy's very first tea.  She loved it; the food, the china, and the friends. Did I mention the food?  Yeah, she really liked that!

Mrs. Ficklin shared her story--the love story between her and her husband.
(their wedding pic is  a few pics down)

{Katie and her precious little girl}

The Ficklin's--almost 65 years of wedded bliss!

Did I mention that Edy liked the food?

I was asked to speak about a time when, at least in retrospect, I could really see God's hand weaving out the details in my life.  *Ahem*  Wow! That's a pretty broad topic with SO many possibilities, but I used the ole' blog to help me along.  I shared our story--the one I posted in mid-August.  Many of the women probably didn't know about our struggle with secondary infertility, but I thought it fitting with just a couple of weeks until our little Joy arrives.  

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