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When I started this blog five years ago, has it really been that long?, I had a tough time understanding blogland.  I'll explain...If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I started blogging in order to keep our family pacified with pics and stories of our first daughter, Ava Grace.  Naturally, I posted lots of pics of AG (smiles, happy, content, sleeping like an angel, etc.). Occasionally, I would post about other things, but AG was the driving force behind the blog.  When I realized that more than just family were reading my posts, I began to feel a little nervous.  I worried that people would take my words/pics, etc. and use them against me. Hello, insecurities! I worried that people would think I was trying to paint this perfect picture of our lives.  Regardless if that was a true assumption or not, that's how I felt.  After a little soul searching, I decided enough was enough!  I was determined that my blog would not put on airs or so to speak.  I don't mind posting the good (because I have a lot to be thankful for), the bad (I'm here to tell you--every day is not Friday), and the ugly (down-right).  

This is not a confessional and I don't plan on airing all of my sins and vices, but I want to keep it real like I decided to do when this blog got it's start.  Social media is great in so many ways, but it does tend to paint these "perfect little pictures" of  "perfect little lives"...don't buy it for one second! :)

Truth:  I'm a sinner but, Praise the Lord!, I'm redeemed.  By the way, it was totally not a work of me, but a work of God!

Just something I felt compelled to share.

All smiles in our "Sunday best"!!!

Let me fill you in on something...
We were a mess mere seconds before the camera snapped! (tears, missing shoes, toothpaste on the shirt, running a little behind, and frazzled)
That's life--our life!

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  1. That's everyone's life on Sunday morning, I think!! You look beautiful! Thank you for willing to be transparent! It isn't pretty but it's real and it's important. :)


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