Getting Close

We arrived at the hospital at 5AM on Monday.  Once there, I got suited up in my hospital gown, had labs drawn and the IV hooked up, talked to the doctors and nurses, and waited to get my lab results back. *Remember that I had a strange low-platelet condition which would determine whether or not I could recieve a spinal block with my c-section or if I would be put to sleep under general anesthetic.  At about 6:45 all of the grandparents and the girls showed up at the hospital to give me hugs and kisses before surgery. . .

{Last pic as a family of FOUR}

At about 7 AM the doctor  let me know that my platelet count was 109,000 (they must be over 100,000 to receive a spinal block).  Although it was a close call, I was so excited to get the spinal over being put to sleep and missing the first moments of little Joy's life.  YAY!

At about 7:15, the nurse wheeled me back to surgery.  I was extremely nervous and excited about how our lives were about to change forever.  It's a big moment!

Graham waited in the hall until the doctors were getting close to delivering the baby.  He came into the operating room just minutes before our Joy entered the picture.  I was SO glad to see his face.

Up next:  She's Here!

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  1. What a Blessing that day was. So thrilled that you capture these special moments and put them on your blog. Loved. Every. Moment.!! Ly, Renee


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