Hospital & Home & Recovery

Most of our guests left by mid-afternoon on Monday and besides the occasional visitor, it was mostly just Graham, Joy, and me at the hospital.  I liked it!

The first night was decent.  Joy did great, but I was itching like crazy (meds leaving my system) and I really wanted to get the cath out and walk around.  The nurse came in at midnight and told me I could get up and bathe, but that she wanted to keep the cath in for another 5 hours.  I tried to talk her out of it, but she wasn't budging.  Like none.

At 5AM, she took out the cath, I got another bath and snuggled with my baby for most of the morning.  It was nice.  As with my other deliveries, it just feels good to get up, bathe, and move around a bit. The nurse acted like most women want to keep their cath in and stay in bed--NOT ME!   I'd rather go through the pain of moving to get a shower and brush my teeth.  It makes me feel so much better.

{my Joy and me after our baths}

Our day was good, relaxing, and peaceful.  By Tuesday night, I started to feel the real pain (spinal drugs are completely out of one's system around 24 hours after delivery).  I also experienced some pain that was completely foreign to me.  I won't go into the gritty details of it all, but this "condition" that I developed has made this particular recovery the hardest of all three of my c-sections.  Even now, I still feel really terrible physically.  Each day, I'm getting better, but the pain has been harder this time around with AG's c-section coming in at a close second (Edy's was a piece of cake).

I love how this particular hospital lets mom and baby go home early on the third day.  We were able to get home by 10AM which hasn't been the case with my past deliveries.  

{all dolled-up and ready to head home}
All three of my girls went home in this gorgeous (preemie) smocked dress.

{Daddy and his Joy}


*My parent's have had our big girls for the past week which has really been good since I have had much more pain than I expected.  

*Our nights have been good.  Joy nurses every 2.5 hours during the day, but she can go about 3-3.5 at night.  

*My nights have been the hardest for me physically.  That's when this pain is at it's greatest and getting in and out of bed has proved very tough for me.

*Yesterday, I got my staples out which in my experiences can never come soon enough--I love getting those blasted things out!  The doctor gave me some good news about my "condition" that has helped me overcome some anxieties of dealing with something that has been completely foreign to me.  It's like mind over matter--since I know that everything is going to be fine in the end and this isn't a result of anything I caused, I feel like I can tackle each day with a better attitude.  

*The girls will be home in a couple of hours and I can't wait to see them.  I know that our lives will feel so complete with all of us home as a family of 5!

*Thanks for your thoughts and prayers over the past few days.  Keep 'em comin'!

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  1. Love this post. Joy looks right at home in her beautiful bed. Take lots of pics with all the girls and post asap! Ly, Renee


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