I'll stand by you...

I have not been a fair-weather fan when it comes to THE OFFICE.  I realize that it peaked years ago, but Graham and I have stuck with them--seen every episode.  There were several episodes over these past two years in which I literally didn't even crack a smile, but I've held on...

The past two episodes have been really good.  In fact, last week's episode was hysterical--old Jim was back and I liked it.  I cried and laughed.

I blame Steve Carell.  Why did he have to leave?  Seriously, what awesome role has he landed since leaving the show?  I draw a blank.

But, alas, it's over.  This Thursday marks the final episode of the series.  I'm sad and happy all at the same time.  I still think it should have ended with Carell's departure.  What's the office without Michael Scott?  I also think he could have at least shown some decency and appeared in the final episode.  But every source I've read says that he didn't.  I've got so many great possible endings running through my head, but they all include Michael Scott's return.

Who's with me? Who'll be watching?  Who's stuck with them?

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  1. I agree with everything in this post. EVERY thing.

    And about the bananas: before you commented I thought about saying something. I know that to non-smoothie, few-kid families it looks like we have pet monkeys... I'm glad someone else understands!! :)


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