One more day...

JOY is here!  She's finally here!  And I can't wait to tell all about her arrival, but first I need to catch things up a bit...
Saturday night, the girls and I got our toes glammed-up (pink and sparkly) in anticipation of our new GIRL!

one last belly pic (Sunday morning--less than 24 hours before delivery)
BTW, what do you think Joy weighed?  I guessed exactly right!

Every single Sunday, I text out a "Sunday Pic" to my family.  AG reminded me that this was the last Sunday pic without baby sister, Joy.

Sunday night, I headed to bed around 10:30, but didn't doze off for some time.  I believe the last time I looked at the clock it was 11:45.  My alarm was set for 3:20AM because we had to get up, get ready and be at the hospital in Tyler by 5AM!

Up next: JOY'S BIRTH DAY...and what a wonderful day it was!

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