She's Here

My c-section went as smoothly as possible.  One of the neat things about this particular hospital is that once baby is delivered, the nurses clean and weigh her and everything else right in the operating room.  Much different from my past deliveries where they took baby to the nursery to do all of those things.  I enjoyed getting to hear Joy's cries and the nurses talking to her as they cleaned her up.  It was wonderful to talk to her from the operating table even though I couldn't see her.  I yelled out, How much does she weigh? What's her apgar score? What are y'all doing now? all while the doctors finished up my surgery.  Graham went back and forth from me to Joy and I loved that too.  
*BTW, I guessed that Joy would weigh 7lbs 14 oz and that is exactly what she weighed.  She was 20 inches long.  Her apgar was a 9.  So...my babies were all pretty much the same in size. (AG: 7.9, Edy: 7.12, and Joy: 7.14 all were 20in. long)

After delivery, I was wheeled  to my room to recover.  Joy went with me and I got to hold her, nurse her, and love on her while I recovered.  Again, that was new for me, too.  My previous deliveries, I was all by my lonesome while recovering.  

Once recovery was over, it was time to bring the sisters in to meet Joy.  I can't tell you the happiness I felt at the moment AG and Edy walked over to the bed to glance at their baby sister for the first time.  It was just and incredibly special moment in my life that I will never forget. 

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