I think I'm on to something with these (phone) photo collage catch-ups.  Quick and easy

  • First trip to Wal-Mart with all three girls was a success.  We've already made it back a second time.  We are definitely starting to find our groove as a family of 5.
  • my little Rosie all ready for sister's recital *swoon*
  • my little Joyful looking perfect *double swoon*
  • my little AG all "Toddlers and Tiara-fied" for recital *triple swoon*

  • I absolutely love our church and the emphasis put on equipping believers.  We just started a class/course (Fellowship Bible University) which is geared to furthering us along in our sanctification.  The first course is What Christians Believe and Why and we are going through Wayne Grudem's, Bible Doctrine:  Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith.  I have already learned so much and am looking forward to growing more and more.  For information or to listen to the classes, click HERE
  • Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down...
  • Gaga came to visit!!!  So glad to have my mom for a few days.
  • one of my favorite hymns

  • sprinkler fun
  • Gaga and Joyful out on the town
  • My rose bush makes me smile.
  • banana pops, swimming, and relaxing
  • glad to have "Mommy Time"

  • How incredibly sweet are my girls?  Gotta print this one!

  • Somebody is a tummy sleeper! Joy would much rather be on her tummy than on her back--it is what it is.


  1. So my bestie just had her first baby. She lives in NY. She texted the other day, actually asking for tips on getting her baby G to sleep. Now, my bestie does NOT ask for help. She gives it. Whether you want it or not. In fact, you don't want it. But she tells you anyway. So the fact that she asked for help...big signal. So I responded with a few tips. One of mine??? Put the kid on her tummy and let her freakin' sleep. It was not well received advice. Oh well. It is what it is!!!

    1. You are awesome and that is why I love you...because you are awesome, I love you! It's a circular argument!

  2. love the updates!


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