Just a little recap...
  • The girls emptied their piggy banks for the Nigerian Grain Fund. 
  • Joyful is getting chubby!  She's completely out of newborn diapers and most newborn clothing :(
  • Graham, this is your life! He loves his girlies.
  • Basically, our summer attire has been swimsuits!
  • Do these bloomers make my butt look big?
  • After taking a little "maternity leave", we are back to school each day!  AG is doing great.  I'm so thankful that she likes "school".
  •  Graham got a fire pit for Father's Day.  We have spent our nights grillin' hot dogs and s'mores!  YUM!
  • I live for little moments like these.
  • I've been teaching my girls to sing "Summertime" (the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong version).  I'll post a video soon.  AG is just too funny trying to mimic Miss Fitzgerald's bluesy voice.  It's classic.
  • As my good friend, Amy, would say...Have Mercy!
  • I took this pic on Monday (6 weeks old).  I was reminded of how blessed I am to stay home with my girls now.  I went back to work when AG and Edy were 6 weeks old and it was like taking a dagger in the heart.  I am thankful that I didn't have to leave this little girl!


  1. Such sweet photos! How wonderful it is to stay at home with the babies. I was able to for all four of mine and felt so blessed.

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanne. It is a wonderful thing to stay home with the kiddos. I'm thankful.


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