Nicknames--do you have one?  I guess in some ways I do.  I have always been called Les by the people closest to me.  My brother-in-law has always called me Lester and I don't think twice about it.  Graham has several little silly names his family calls him, but I just call him Graham.  Actually, we are that couple that over uses Babe.  It's probably so annoying to everyone else, but it's hard to change something you've done for over 10 years.  

We've never considered ourselves "nickname people" but ironically every one of our kiddos answers to about 3 different names other than the name written on their birth certificate (technically, Joy doesn't answer).  So...I guess we've morphed into "nicknamers".  We don't give any thought to our kiddos nicknames; they just emerge from our lips and stick.  Nothing planned.

Ava Grace entered this world in 2007 when her name was the no.1 most popular name for girls.  I had loved the name Ava for years and wasn't changing the plan.  I still think Ava is one of the prettiest, daintiest, sweetest names and it fits perfectly for our firstborn.  To combat the popularity of her name, we gave her an equally lovely middle name that flows off the tongue perfectly when paired with AvaDouble name?  Again, I've said it on the blog before...we aren't "double-name people".  But, alas, all three of our girlies have been given a double-name.  So...I guess we've morphed into "double-namers", too.

Ava Grace soon became loving known as Peanut.  We called her that for most of her first year.  From time to time we still refer to her as our little peanut.  She likes it!  For the most part, she's AG, Ava Gracie, Ava G, or Ava Grace Mermaid (long story). She answers to every single one.  Now that she's writing, she gets lazy and just writes Ava at the top of her papers.  I have told her numerous times that her name is Ava Grace.  She'll roll her eyes and say, "I know Mom, but Ava is just easier."  Hmm...I will win this battle! *smirk*

Next up, our Edy Rose...
After giving Ava Grace a double name, I had no intentions of giving any of my other children double-names.  When Edy came along, I was just fine with calling her by her beautiful name, Edy.  In fact, I really wanted to name her Edythe, but Graham gave an adamant, "NO!" to that.  I still secretly call her Edythe from time to time...she doesn't like it either.  After her birth everyone, I mean everyone, called her Edy Rose.  It stuck.  She's got a double-name.  We've really embraced the whole "southern kids with double-names" stereotype.  Edy's nicknames:  Edy Rosebud, Rosie Rosebud, Edy RoRo, RoRo, Ro, Rosie. The list really could go on and on.

Now enters our little Joy Tatum…
Again, I have been on the fence about the double-name thing, but when you have two children with double-names it just feels unnatural to slight the third-born.  Mostly, I just call her Joy, but my girls always call her by Joy Tatum.  It wasn't long before we started in with the nicknames.  Remember, we aren't nickname people! I jest.  Joy's nicknames (so far):  Joyous, Joyful, JoJo, Josie, Dumplin', and Doodle Dumplin' (my momma still calls me that one).

There you have it!  The nickname post I promised!  Was it everything you hoped it would be?

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  1. Enjoyed this post! I love that their names fit their personalities so well. Love, Renee


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