Can it be possible?  Little Miss Joy Tatum is ONE MONTH OLD!

I'm back to taking monthly pictures of another little blessing!

 (Can't decide if I should take a monthly pic with or without the bear.  Thoughts?)
What's going on with Joy?
  • loves tummy time
  • loves bath time
  • can lift head for a little bit while on tummy
  • focus on faces
  • eats 7-8 times a day
  • sleeps 4 and sometimes 5 hours at night between feedings
  • naps about 4 times a day
  • loves the bouncy seat
  • just recently cut out a night feeding (Whoohoo!)
  • just starting to smile at my face (melts my heart)
  • a content little sweetie
AG's first month post click HERE.
Edy's first month post click HERE.


  1. She is SUCH a beauty!!!

    You are one blessed Mama!

  2. How??? How?!?! HOW is this possible?!?! I can't believe it. She's gorgeous. And she needs me to come hold her & squeeze her squishy, puffy cheeks!!! Right?!?!

  3. I love this post. I hope you decide to use the bear. It will be fun to watch her growth against it each month. Just can't believe that it's already been a month since Miss Joy arrived! Love, Na

    1. Can't believe it either!!! Time flies.

  4. Ok, yesterday i posted 2 comments and neither one showed up! Grr. I think it was b/c I used my ipad, which was probably in shock that it was in someone else's hands other than Brian's. {ha!} I can't believe Miss Joy is 1 month old already! You know she wants me to come visit and smooch on this squishy puffy cheeks. And I have to say, all 3 of your girls are uniquely their own. AG looks like AG. ER looks like ER. And Miss Joy is all her own. I really thought she'd favor one over the other. But she's uniquely Joy. Love. That. Will be interesting to see as she grows. She's just beautiful. I'm so excited for y'all.

    1. Who knows about the comments. I heard some ppl were having trouble with their iphones posting comments so the same must be true for the ipad.
      I can't believe she is a month old, either! She's such a J-O-Y! I think she has her own look, too. Kinda has some characteristics of both the big girls, but some uniqueness all her own. I love her dark hair...hope it stays that dark!


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