To Each of My Girls...

 My precious Edy Rose, 
I literally cannot get enough of you.  You are spunky, vivacious, determined, energetic, practical, and happy-happy-happy!  Oh...and your smile is contagious.  You have one of those personalities that people love.  Mommy and Daddy think you are adorable and your big sister, AG, would be lost without you.  Joy Tatum is gonna love your jokes and your snuggles--just like the rest of us.  You are up for anything and you are rarely in a bad mood--it's refreshing.  Keep on smilin' sister!  Let your light shine!  I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you. 

Joyful girl, 
You are heaven sent.  The happiest baby ever--that's you!  I can't get enough of your smile.  You have a way of turning our frowns upside down.  Although you've only been around a short while you have made quite an impact on us.   Your two big sisters think you are the best thing ever and your daddy and I are certainly smitten.  I can't wait to watch you grow, but I'm in no hurry.  Take your time, sweetie.
Darling Ava Grace, 
You melt my heart! You are just like me in so many ways...you're welcome and I'm sorry!  You are honest, tender-hearted, caring, stunningly beautiful, stubborn, determined, quirky, and brilliant.  You simply amaze me.  God gave us you first and those two sisters of yours are so blessed to have you leading the pack.  Edy Rose thinks you are "the bestest" and  I just know Joy Tatum and you are going to have a special bond.  No matter how grown you think you are or want to be you will always be our precious little girl. 
 Our Joy...His Glory--that pretty much sums it up.

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  1. This blog post melted my heart. You have such a way with words Leslie, and your description of each girl was spot on.They will love reading all of these one day. Thank you! Love, Renee


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