Here we go--another life-n-pics post...

The girls went to a friend's bday party at The Pottery Cafe--such a neat place.  I noticed that most of the girls picked a dolphin, ladybug, or puppy to paint.  Not my girls!  Edy chose a dragon and AG chose a C-A-T!!! A CAT!!!!!!??????? She's revolting against her momma!

  • Joy loves the bumbo seat 
  • AG started soccer practice--she's on an all girls team in Bullard
  • Joy hanging out at soccer practice
  • Bottle #3 and she still refuses.  HELP!!!!! Suggestions??

Graham's parents have been visiting.  Graham learned how to make his mom's peanut butter fudge and divinity.  I learned how to make her pecan pie for the third time.  I'm a slow learner!

Monday, AG started Classical Conversations (CC).  It was FANTASTIC and I am so thankful that we get to be a part of this group.  We started the day with memory work, then we had Latin, Geography, Grammar, a science experiment, an art lesson, more memory work, and then lunch/recess.  

Joy is steadily learning new things.  She is close to rolling over and she can hold her head up really well.

I love routines and being back in the swing of things, but at the end of the day...I'm pooped!

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  1. On the feeding- I am not sure on a new born but I know our little miss refuses to eat in her high chair. We tried different positions in the chair, etc. She wasn't having any of it. Not sure if Joy's angle or such or where she is sittng may help her take a bottle. I know changing our location helped her eat and now she won't stop.
    Good luck!


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