the stuff they say...

I've gotten in the habit of posting little conversations/happenings I've had with the girls as my FB status. Thought I'd share...

Gave the girls some Dr. Pepper with dinner.
Edy Rose: I love that stuff. It makes me burp! (proceeds to belch 3 times in a row)
She's gonna make some gentleman real happy one day!


Edy: I don't like it when Daddy calls me Melonhead. I want him to call me Princess Melonhead.
Graham, you got that!?!


Edy: I'm not gonna hold baby Joy 'til her black belly button thing comes out. I'm just gonna pet her.
AG: *sign* She's a human. You don't pet humans.


I'm glad my big girls are so eager to help with Joy, but the fighting over who gets to throw out the dirty diapers has got to stop. I accidentally threw the last one out and they both started crying. /not.kidding./ 


Edy brushing hair...
Me: Who taught you to do hair?
Edy: Rock Obana (Barack Obama)
I died.


...the stuff they say.


  1. So funny. My twin 5 year olds have similar conversations. I love to write them down so when they get older they can giggle at the funny things they said! Congrats on baby Joy. xo

    1. I know, Tracey. I am so glad we can blog and have record of what they say. It's so fun. I can't wait for them to read it one day.


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