Ahh...bedtime--an end to another day.  As a parent, bedtime can be a glorious time--just being honest.  It's a time for us to talk uninterrupted, it's a time of quiet, it's a time of peace and relaxation.  Umm...it's a time of empty threats, "Girls, quit talking and go to bed or..." It's a time to "let it slide" and listen from a distance at the giggles trailing in from their bedroom. It's a time of thankfulness--thankfulness to our Lord for the three precious gifts we are blessed to tuck safely into bed each night.

I'll cherish bedtime--the snuggles with my clean babies, the mint-y fresh kisses, and the late night glances of three healthy girls sleeping peacefully in their cozy beds.
Our Joy...His Glory 

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  1. These are WONDERFUL pictures and WONDERFUL memories! Love this!! Cherie


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