Five on Friday

Just five items on the agenda...

Joy is growing like a weed!  She's awake a lot more during the day, rolling over constantly, cooing, giggling, and really starting to develop a personality all her own! Her 4 month check-up was good--she's 16lbs and 25inches long.  Tell me how she is only in the 50th percentile in weight and 25th in length?  That just doesn't sound right.  According to my records, she's the shortest of the three at this age, but not by much.  All three were around 16 lbs at their 4 mo. check-up, but the percentiles must be off because AG and Edy were both between 80-90%.  It's all just numbers, but it's fun for me to explore--if just for record keeping purposes!

Fall is here even though it's still H-O-T as all get out in East Texas!  I absolutely L-O-V-E this time of year--football games, pumpkin patches, cider, spices simmering on the stove, nights by the fire pit, s'mores, hay!, etc.  It's all just glorious!

Occasionally, I enjoy my morning coffee with Rosie--she likes her coffee warm with lots of milk and sugar. It's so nice to sit and talk with her over a cup.  She's such a enjoyable kid to be around--if I do say so myself!

So happy for this guy and gal!  Looks like my bro-in-law will be getting married this spring.  Good times ahead--good times!

My Rosie is SO domesticated.  She is right by my side on cleaning day--like right by my side!!!!  The other day she told me she wants to be a cooker, a cleaner, and a mommy when she grows up!  Music to my ears, I tell ya! 

That's FIVE!  I missed capturing my eldest in this post, but since the first three years of this blog were devoted to her and only her...I think I get a pass, right?

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