makeshift office

Graham's new "office" is a tad bit comical, but a good bit practical.

In a nut shell:
  • For years, he has been waking up around 5AM and working/studying at the kitchen table while the rest of us sleep.
  • At the end of the work day, his laptop and bag, iPad, etc. pile up in one of the kitchen chairs. *I hate it!
  • On Thursday, he goes to Tyler to a coffee shop for some uninterrupted sermon prep time away from the church office.
This summer, I made it my mission to find an old executive/roll top/or secretary's desk to go in our bedroom for a nice, quiet work space for G in the mornings and on Thursdays.  I totaled up that it would save us around 50 bucks a month if he would work from home on Thursdays instead of going to Tyler.  

I let the ball drop on the desk hunt and let a good deal slip through my fingers but, I remembered an old laptop desk/chair I had stored in the attic from my school teaching days.  For a quick solution, I put it in our master closet (equipped with outlets and air vent).  To my surprise, Graham loved his little getaway. 

Since the trial run went so well, I jazzed the small space up a bit for a little fun.  I thought G would think it was cheesy, but he absolutely loves it! 
I moved our coats from his side of the closet, rolled the small laptop desk into the tiny nook, added a lamp, a filing cabinet, hung some framed photos, and this little makeshift office getaway was complete!

Since our closet is in the furthermost part of the house it is absolutely quiet which makes for a perfect workspace complete with all you can drink coffee!


  1. I think you are the smartest person I know! You can truly take nothing, put it together with a few items and come up with a WINNER! I love that cozy little space. And it's the quietest place he could work in. Ly, Renee

  2. Very practical, very savvy, very smart and very cool! I'm not surprised he loves it...it looks so cozy!
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my kitchen and light. :)

  3. It looks perfect! I think you did a fabulous job making it cozy and inviting for him. Thank you for visiting my blog-
    From a fellow Texan

  4. I LOVE it!! I want one in my closet too!

  5. What an amazing idea. When I had my son we had what was supposed to be another bath in our Master bedroom that we used for a closet. We actually toyed with the idea of converting it into a nursery, but we decided to just put him in his own room. Now I know how cozy it could've been. <3 Kim


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