so you think you can dance?

Dance class has official started back for the eldest.  Her fundamental class now includes tap along with ballet and jazz. 

Some of her ballet friends are also on her soccer team.  It's funny to see them switch from pretty, graceful ballerinas to aggressive, sweaty, sporty little athletes.

During transition to tap, AG went to her teacher and said, "You aren't going to need to teach me much in tap because I already know how to do it pretty well." :) Meaning...I've tapped moved my feet and made a ton of noise all over the kitchen floor.

So, we've started Classical Conversations, homeschooling, dance and we just had our first soccer game of the season.

Crank up the mini-van--it's getting busy around here!

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  1. AG looks so pretty sitting on the soccer field and she looks so pretty as a ballerina!!
    Love Gaga


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