Sunday Pics

If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I try my best to take a pic of my girls each Sunday before we head out the door for church.  For one, it's a day when we are in something other than play clothes. Plus, it's a visual of how much my girls are growing and changing.  I've been pretty good about sending the family a pic each week...ahem...and they let me know when I forget!  I love them for loving my girls so much!

I've neglected to post the pics on the blog in a while so I compiled them in a collage for your viewing enjoyment...You're Welcome!

For past Sunday pics, scroll down on the sidebar to my labels and look for 'SundayPic'.  

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  1. i love this....i just cant help but smile when i see those sweet faces! Thanks for always being so good to share with us!! Give my girlies love from KK!!


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