A Day in the Life {Monday}

Ba-da ba-da-da-da
Ba-da ba-da-da-da

Monday, Monday (ba-da ba-da-da-da)
So good to me (ba-daba-da-da-da)

Mondays aren't so bad for us.   Like I said in an earlier post, I get most of our week planned out on Sunday, which makes for a pretty balanced week. 

A Day in the Life {Monday}:

big girls ready for Classical Conversations

Joy stays with me at CC

  • Lunch at CC
  • Rest Time
  • Organize Finances for the week
  • Review my calendar and plans for the week
  • Laundry
  • Dinner
  • Family Time
There's nothing special about our Mondays.  In fact, it's one of the few days that we don't have any place to be in the evenings and I love it.  It's nice to come home from CC, throw on some comfortable clothes, catch-up on some chores, and relax a little bit before dinner. 

For the moment, I like Mondays--they're not so hard to balance 

So good to me (ba-daba-da-da-da)

Up next: Classical Conversations

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