A Day in the Life {Sunday}

Sunday! I hate to sound all "super-Christian" and say, "Sunday is my most favorite day of the week!"  But it is. It absolutely is!

Sunday mornings can be beyond tough--especially with a new baby.  Scheduling feeding times and naptime, packing the diaper bag, and toting a 5lb carrier around with a 16lb baby can wear anyone out! Not to mention, getting three little girls ready and looking decent myself--it's a wonder we get to church on time with smiles on our faces.  Hard doesn't describe it, but we manage. Ahh...once we are out the door and headed to church, the stress subsides a little.  I absolutely love our church family and corporate worship is essential for every believer so all the effort to make it there is worth it!
We don't have a "set-in stone" schedule for the day, but a typical Sunday looks a lot like this:
  • Graham leaves the house way before we do, so I serve breakfast.
  • get everyone ready
  • ritualistic "Sunday Pic"
  • head to church around 9AM
  • run through a fast food restaurant for lunch--not what I would prefer, but it's been the easiest thing for us over these past few months
  • Graham and I like to sip coffee, watch TV, and rest on Sunday afternoons while the girls are separated and resting. We'd let them play together, but it'd mess up our "relax-time atmosphere".  Don't mess with my Sunday afternoon!  AG watches some TV in our room, Edy chills in her room, and Joy naps.  It works for us at the moment.
  • make lunches for CC
  • make school plans for Tues-Friday
  • review time with AG for Classical Conversations 
  • Bible Study
  • easy dinner
  • family time (movie/games)
  • girls to bed at 8PM
  • Sister Wives & Downton
Sunday sets the tone for our week.  If Sunday ain't good then it's tough to find balance the other six days.  Sunday afternoon is the time when I get all of our homeschool plans and activities laid-out.  It's so important that I set that time aside or Monday is chaotic.

Up next:  Getting Organized {and staying that way}

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