Balancing Morning Routines

Ahh....mornings! Mornings and bedtime tend to be the most frustrating/stressful times in our days.  Why is that?  Are your mornings tough? Just me?

We've yet to unlock the secret key to making our mornings seamless and totally enjoyable, but we've set up some routines that have really helped to make them a little less stressful.  A little.

I've already shared with you our "Bible Study with Breakfast" routine in an earlier post.  No surprise, establishing that has really, really, really helped our mornings get off to a better start.  It's all downhill from there! Just kidding...just kidding!  Really though, those quiet few moments of breakfast and Bible Study have turned our days around completely.  We don't seem to be running around aimlessly, guns a blazin', wild-n-free like we did a few months ago.

Here's a typical morning for us:
  • Around 6:30ish AG, our early riser, emerges from her room and bundles up on the couch to watch a little TV.  Edy joins her soon after.
  • Breakfast is served by daddy!
  • Bible Study with Breakfast
  • Both girls are old enough to get their clothes on, put up their pajamas, and brush their hair.
  • Graham makes their bed.  Yes, I know...They should probably be making their own beds, but we will get there!  Don't judge me! :)
  • Graham brushes their teeth.
  • I fix their hair.
  • The girls get their library books and read quietly in their room until "school" starts (typically around 9:30AM).
 Beds MUST be made first thing in the morning for a balanced day!

 There...that's better!  I feel more balanced already!

Most mornings, I sleep-in a little and Graham tends to the big girls.  I feed Joy, put her down for a morning nap, get my coffee and oatmeal, read my Bible, and get myself put together.  I don't wear make-up every day, but I do put on some jeans/shorts, maybe a nicer t-shirt, and manage to get my hair looking decent. Staying in pjs is not an option for me or my day will be lazy like my appearance.  That's just how I work--if I'm gonna be productive and stay balanced, I have to be "ready" for the day.  And by ready I mean, I could make a trip to Wal-Mart and be presentable.  Oh, wait...hmm...yeah, I'd look good for Wal-Mart! Target? Not so much.

So there ya have it--a good balanced morning routine. Now Sunday mornings... *sigh* Don't even get me started! We'll tackle a good ole' balanced Sunday tomorrow!

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