Classical Conversations

We are new to Classical Conversations this year.  I won't go into all the details about CC--it's a lot to explain.  If you are interested, you can check it out and read about it for yourself HERE.  

We attend CC every Monday morning from 9AM-noon.  I was nervous to start because I feared it would be hard to balance with everything else we have going on around here.  I was so wrong--it's perfect for us.

All of the kids start the morning together for memory verse, timeline, and family presentations.

AG in her class of peers tracing the continents

fine arts:  learning to play the tin whistle

CC helps us stay balanced because it gives us a new facet to homeschooling that we are able to adhere to easily.  One day a week is manageable and so good for my girls.  AG and I practice the memory work Tuesday-Friday and she adds to it each Monday--totally doable and beneficial!

Right now, Edy goes to a nursery and plays with kids her age and I keep Joy with me in AG's class.  Next year, Edy will begin the Foundations classes, too.  I am so glad that we found a Classical Conversations group in our area.  It's nice to finally have a group of families to connect with that are homeschooling their children similarly to us.

Up next: What's the Baby Up To?

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  1. I have several friends that love Classical Conversations, too! Fun to see pics! XO, Aimee

    1. We really enjoy it!
      Thanks for dropping in, Aimee!


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