Contributing Financially

Going from a "leave the house to go to work" mom to a SAHM, my financial contributions to our family plummeted to zilch!  It's not a problem for my husband--he wants me home.  But personally, I would like to contribute a little--anything, really.  I manage our finances (it works for us) and I try to be very frugal in our spending as a way to contribute, but I would like to help out monetarily if possible.  If anything, a little extra cash could help with the cost of our school books and materials.

I've found a few ways to contribute just a little extra:
  • Craigslist:  I will sell just about anything.  Over the course of a year, I have made about $1400.
  • Consignment:  I consign the girls' nicer clothing.  I've earned about $200 in the past year.
  • On-line "Yard" Sales:  I usually post my Craigslist items on online "yard" sales, too.
  • Decorating/Organizing:  From time to time, I am asked to help friends/family with some decorating/organizing projects.  I really enjoy it!
Some areas in which I'd like to increase my financial contributions, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it:
  • Blogging:  I received my first deposit from Google last week.  It wasn't much, but it was something.  I need help from more savvy bloggers to teach me how to gain more revenue.   I didn't start this blog to make money but since it's drawing in a little, I'd like to know what I could/should be doing to increase the profit a bit.  I'm not looking to "break the bank", just a little extra spending money.
  • Couponing:  I've never played the drugstore game or clipped coupons.  I do shop as frugally as I can, but I know couponing could help.  It seems like a ton of work and I already have so much to balance without it.  Hmmm...maybe it's not for me.  Couponers, any tips for couponing-lite? *not looking to create a stockpile or anything
What are some ways for a SAHM like myself to contribute financially?  Suggestions welcomed.
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  1. If some of your friends have said they would buy your canvases then go for it. Maybe just sell to them at first then have an Etsy shop or make enough to have a weekend booth at the farmers market. My cousins are 15 & 17 and have had a sucessful farmers market business for the last 3 years. Another girlfriend of mine made hair clips for her (only) daughter. People at her church loved them so she started selling them. She and her friend now have a successful farmers market booth also. Don't be afraid. I actually just sold my first "craft" last week. We will see how that goes :-)
    And when I coupon, I buy things that I don't need simply to use the coupon. Like you need to buy 3 but there is no way you will ever use those 3 but you have to use that coupon.... Yeah not for me, personally....
    But that is my 2 cents.

    1. Starting an etsy shop has crossed my mind. I think I'll make some for friends and see what the process is like to see if I can handle orders! Thanks for the input. I'm with you on the couponing.


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