Dirty Laundry

Laundry is a big fat pain in the butt, but it has to be done.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!  You with me! Just as I'm finished, I have more in the hamper within minutes.  For me, doing laundry every day just doesn't work!  I would rather have designated times that work best for us.  Monday and Fridays are laundry days--that's how I balance it! 

I'm always looking for ways to include my girls in household chores that are age appropriate and don't violate child-labor laws.  It's a joke.  You can laugh!  Granted, it's much easier if I just do stuff myself, but that wouldn't be good for them, right? 

So the girls help how?  They can't fold well enough yet, but they can sure contribute. 

I dump all of the laundry in the center of the living room floor and they separate it into little piles according to its owner.  It's actually very helpful, plus it gets them involved.

 the laundry fairies
Tell me why the only man in the house has the biggest pile?

I'm always looking for laundry tips/tricks.  Whatcha got?  How do you involve your kids in household chores?

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  1. My daughter begs to help with laundry (weird kid,ha) so I have found a few things for her. She is in charge of washrags and socks. She's gotten pretty good at both.

    1. Karen, I do let them do washrags too and pair the socks. I wish my kids liked it!

  2. I HATE laundry! It is my least favorite chore, but I am learning to just suck it up and do. I tried the load a day thing, and that usually turned into forgotten laundry that had to be rewashed over and over. I have been doing it two days a week and that has been a much better system for me too. My boys are 3 and 7 and they like to take turns helping me load the washer and they both put away all of their clothes, with the exception of the things that need to be hung. They are great little helpers.

    1. I'm with ya, girl! Hate it! Just rewashed a load today. I let my girls put away the stuff they don't completely unfold in the process!

  3. I love laundry. Or at least the wash part. Its the putting away that I am not totally fond of. Same with dishes. I will wash this stuff all day long its just the putting away I do not like.

    1. Can I hire you!? I hate it all. Laundry and dishes!


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