Five on Friday

Fridays are fun.  Graham has a day "off" and typically after we wrap up school, I head out for some time alone time or run errands.  You know...to stay balanced. See how I did that?

So instead of giving you a play-by-play of our Fridays, I'll share my FIVE on FRIDAY:

Joy is having a lot more playtime these days...

I made pumpkin bread!  Does it count if it's from a box?

I finally got to go to the Gresham Barn Sale!  I was in LOVE with everything and would move in if they would let me!

Yes, these have to be the most ridiculous and hysterical wigs I've ever seen! Thank you, Target, for the good laugh!

I think this is our first "selfie couple" pic.  We're keeping up with the times!
*We may have taken one (a selfie) with a throw away camera on our honeymoon, but it doesn't count because it was long before the silly term "selfie" was coined!

Up next: Just a Closer Walk with Thee

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