Getting Organized {and staying that way}

No bones about it--I love to organize.  Some people like to scrapbook, some people like to garden, some cook. My thing is cleaning and organizing.  It's how I'm wired.  In turn, if my house isn't organized and cleaned, I feel anything but balanced.

For me, everything has a designated place. It makes staying organized much easier.  Yes, I have a "junk drawer"...if you want to call it that. But even so, it's organized with bins for change, pens, scissors, etc. 

Oh! And where would I be without my trusty LABEL MAKER!?!  It's my best organizing friend!

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weekly to-do list
I have a printed weekly to-do list that really helps me stay balanced.  Each week, I print off my list and cross through the tasks as I get them accomplished.  

Another way that I stay organized is to pick up the house before leaving or going to bed.  That means occasionally I'm late places due to rushing through the house putting things away, but I also come home to a "picked up" house and it's so nice.  Rarely do I go to bed without everything being put away.

*I know some of you are thinking I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs, but like I said, it's my thing.  It's how I'm wired. And to answer the question--Yes, it is necessary. I'm scatterbrained.  If I don't have these systems in place then life is chaotic and I crumble.  I am easily overwhelmed and being extremely organized eases the tension and helps me stay balanced.

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  1. You ARE organized. I usually do a weekend list and I love crossing stuff off it and if I do something extra I put it on my list to cross off. Not sure if I could do a whole week. Guess once we have the family together more then I can get more balanced.
    Loved this one

  2. I LOVE that one of the activities is danceparty...can we get a video of that next time...please and thank you!! :)

    1. I'm thinking of having them draw activities out of a hat because they always chose danceparty!


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