Homeschooling a Preschooler

No stretching the truth or grandiose exaggerations here--I'm not the best with preschool stuff.  Crazy enough, I love to craft, but I don't take time to craft and make cutesy lessons for Edy, my 3.5 year old.   

I definitely soak up the teachable moments that come our way, but I'm not on the hunt for them.  

Most days, she practices numbers/letters from a Dollar Tree workbook, watches  Letter Factory, and plays with manipulates.  Sesame Street comes on at 11AM and some days she plays while watching it.

I know, I know. With the rise of Pinterest, I should really be doing a whole heck of a lot more.  I'm not short on ideas, but in order to stay balanced in life...at this moment...we just kind of get-by.  I'm not too stressed about it--she's a little sponge, hanging around while AG has her school lessons, she gets plenty of outside play time, and...she's THREE.   Next year, she will start CC along with AG and that will be great for her.

 Edy Rose practices her letters.

Edy's daily schedule:
  • Bible study with Breakfast
  • morning routines
  • number/letter practice and manipulatives
  • room-time (Legos, books, puzzles, Letter Factory while AG finishes school)
  • Sesame Street/outside play
  • lunch
  • rest time
  • activity/chores/TV/outside 

That's how I homeschool my preschooler.  It works...for the time being.

Up next: Bad Days? You have those?

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