Rest Time

Rest time...ahh...rest time. *loud screech of a record player*
NOPE.  My two big girls no longer nap.  What to do?  What to do?

I would like to say that each of my girls go to their room and curl up with a good book.  Again...NOPE!

I would like to say that my girls play with puzzles and Legos quietly for about 2 hours while I rest.  NOPE!

Right now, rest time consist of my girls going to separate rooms--one in mine, one in theirs.   AG watches a few shows in my bed and Edy plays/watches a movie in her bedroom. It's what works and it gives me about an hour of time to myself.  It also gives the girls some time alone--they need a break from one another every once in a while.

Tips?  I need to balance out rest time a little better.


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